Black Duck – “Of The Lit Backyards”

Black Duck – “Of The Lit Backyards”

Black Duck comprises three mainstays of the Chicago music scene, Douglas McCombs of Tortoise, Brokeback, and Eleventh Dream Day plus Bill MacKay and Charles Rumback. It’s a project rooted in improv; for years, the band played completely improvised shows, and when the time came to record their self-titled debut album, they brought along only one song by each member, letting the rest come together in the studio.

The results of that process will be released in June via Thrill Jockey. Our first preview of the album, opening track “Of The Lit Backyards,” is a McCombs composition inspired by the adaptability witnessed as people gathered in outdoor spaces during the worst phases of the pandemic. It’s a lovely guitar-led instrumental slathered in tremolo and wistful vibes, drifting and halting with its own unique sense of momentum. I can absolutely imagine it soundtracking a scene in an indie film set in 2020 or any other year.

Listen below.

01 “Of The Lit Backyards”
02 “Foothill Daze”
03 “Delivery”
04 “Second Guess”
05 “The Trees Are Dancing”
06 “Thunder Fade That Earth Smells”
07 “Lemon Treasure”
08 “Light’s New Measure”

Black Duck is out 6/23 on Thrill Jockey. Pre-order it here.

Evan Jenkins

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