Jonathan Wilson – “Marzipan”

Jonathan Wilson – “Marzipan”

Jonathan Wilson, the producer and songwriter who this very site once called Father John Misty’s secret weapon, also puts out music of his own, and his last solo album was 2020’s Dixie Blur. Today, he’s back with his first new single since then, “Marzipan.”

“With my new single ‘Marzipan,’ I wanted to break out of any and all comfort zones I may have lapsed into as a writer, narrator, producer, or player,” Wilson explained in a statement, continuing:

I discovered a little-known song called “Warm Rumours” from the early 70’s that was playful, risky, experimental, and took no prisoners. I wrote the string and horn arrangements for ‘Marzipan’ myself, and it was a pleasure to have these wonderful players put my melodies on this recording, and into the gentle listener’s ears. I wanted a Walker Brothers’ “The Electrician” string moment at some point in my life, that degree of beauty, and I think this gets me close.

The song chronicles some of my life autobiographically when I lived in NYC in the early 2000’s in my 20’s. The feeling of Greenpoint, Brooklyn at that moment. Countering that with a deep dive into Hank Williams, Roy Acuff, and my early fascination with the Harry Smith Anthology during those years, I was obsessed. And of course, jazz, which changed my life forever.

Listen below.

“Marzipan” is out now via BMG.

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