KC Rae – “Blockbuster”

KC Rae – “Blockbuster”

KC Rae is the solo moniker of Now Now’s KC Dalager, and today she’s releasing her first-ever single on her own, “Blockbuster,” which arrives nearly five years after her band’s most recent album Saved. It’s a dreamy, scratchy rush of nostalgia centered around a childhood joyride to Blockbuster that Dalager can’t stop thinking about: “Can’t get it out of my head/ I just want to be happy again.”

“This song is about a very specific memory with my cousin,” she shared in a statement, continuing:

I was terrified of breaking rules as a kid, so this experience of swiping her stepdad’s car, without a license, to go rent a movie has sunk itself into the core memory archives. It also captures the entire relationship with my cousin and crashing through childhood and adolescence together. I have a really intense sensory memory, so the end of the track is a tangent of every time I’ve felt a specific breeze while with her. I also wanted to highlight and display all of these little instances of growing up that you don’t realize are going to stick with you.

Listen below.

“Blockbuster” is out now.

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