Juan Wauters – “Modus Operandi” (Feat. Frankie Cosmos)

Juan Wauters – “Modus Operandi” (Feat. Frankie Cosmos)

Uruguayan indie singer-songwriter Juan Wauters has a new album called Wandering Rebel on the way. Today he’s sharing its latest single, a duet with Frankie Cosmos’ Greta Kline called “Modus Operandi.” The song is a string-laden ’70s pop throwback, and it has a video by Fatos Marishta featuring Wauters and Kline wandering Montevideo and NYC streets attempting to communicate with flip phones.

A statement from Marishta, the director:

The idea of Modus Operandi is that even though Juan lives elsewhere now, his essence stays in New York. Sometimes he’s in NY, sometimes he’s not, he can be anywhere. We shot through one week in two different countries with Juan wandering through the streets of Montevideo during the inaugural carnaval parade and Greta in Union Square, NYC. As they are having a conversation about New York City, Greta senses and sees Juan in the vicinity but can’t seem to reach him.

Watch the video below, where you can also hear prior single “Milanesa al Pan” with Zoe Gotusso.

Wandering Rebel is out 6/2 on Captured Tracks.

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