Skylar Spence Shares Lost Saint Pepsi Album Cash Wednesday

Skylar Spence Shares Lost Saint Pepsi Album Cash Wednesday

Back in 2015 and 2016, after he’d already changed the name of his main project from Saint Pepsi to Skylar Spence and releasing the album Prom King, the songwriter and producer Ryan DeRobertis continued working on the sample-driven dance tracks that had been the foundation of the Saint Pepsi project. Although some of those songs made it out into the world, they were part of an album called Cash Wednesday that never saw release. Today, DeRobertis has rectified that. The “lost” Saint Pepsi album is finally here.

A note on Bandcamp explains the whole deal:

In an ongoing series of re-earthing the brilliant releases of Saint Pepsi, a record that has not yet been heard in full, Cash Wednesday, gets its first release. Cash Wednesday is really the “lost” Saint Pepsi record. Recorded between 2015 and 2016, after the release of the debut Skylar Spence album Prom King, these songs were intended for the Saint Pepsi name because of the use of obscure samples, but they were also made to just be funky and irresistibly danceable. DeRobertis teased several of these tracks on SoundCloud and featured them in his DJ sets opening for Madeon in 2016. Tracks “Say” and “Ajax” quickly became part of the Cash Wednesday lore amongst those paying close attention. However, before the entire album had been shared, many of the tracks were lost due to hard drive failure. As luck would have it, in November of 2022, incomplete versions of the missing tracks, and samples and live mixes were found on an old laptop. After finding some time to recreate the album in full, DeRobertis is eager to breathe new life into Cash Wednesday and share the newly completed album for fans who have been eagerly awaiting since 2015.

Listen below.

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