Clark – “Medicine” (Feat. Thom Yorke)

Clark – “Medicine” (Feat. Thom Yorke)

Sup dog? Sus Dog! The new album from veteran electronic producer Clark, born Christopher Stephen Clark, is out today. It’s executive produced by Thom Yorke, who also plays bass on the album and sings on “Medicine.” As Yorke explained when the album was announced back in January, he got involved when Clark decided to bring vocals into his music for the first time and reached out to the Radiohead singer for singing advice:

Chris wrote me to say he’d started singing, looking for feedback/advice or whatever, cuz it was kind of new shark-infested waters for him. I’ve been into what he does for years, and I ended up being a kind of backseat driver as he pieced all the oddness of it together, which was fascinating.

I wasn’t surprised to discover he came at singing and words through another door completely, which to me was the most interesting and exciting part,” Yorke continues. “The first thing he sent me was him singing about being stuck between two floors and I was already sold. To me the way he approached it all wasn’t the usual singer songwriter guff thank god; it mirrored the way he approached all his composition and recording, but this time it had a human face. His face.

Clark has previously shared “Town Crank,” “Clutch Pearlers,” “Dismissive,” and “Dolgoch Tape.” Now the whole of Sus Dog is out, along with a video for the Yorke-featuring “Medicine.” The video uses deepfake technology to merge Clark and Yorke’s faces, as explained by director Dylan Hayes of Knucklehead:

Chris and I have always bonded over a common endeavour to conceal the digital. This is interesting considering we’re using a very digital medium as an element for “Medicine” — deepfake. I was intrigued in using AI in a way that remained subtle. Typically, when deepfake or another AI element is employed, it is the main focus whereas for “Medicine” I wanted to bury the effect and layer it with additional textures, making it just one of the many components. Through the use of the technology Chris and Thom’s characteristics merge, which creates an uncanny synergy of both their faces and voices, causing a question of who’s who and a theme of the malleability of their voices.

Take it all in below.

Sus Dog is out now on Throttle.

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