Sunshine Convention – “Dawned On Me”

Sunshine Convention – “Dawned On Me”

Sunshine Convention is the project of Brooklyn’s Jake Whitener. Like Dazy’s James Goodson, he has worked as a music publicist among other behind-the-scenes roles, and like Goodson, he’s so good at churning out ultra-catchy guitar-pop tunes that he was bound to step into the spotlight himself at some point.

Over the past three years, starting during the era when everyone was holed up at home, Whitener started writing songs in massive quantities and capturing them via GarageBand and a Tascam four-track recorder, as if inspired not only by Guided By Voices’ music but also their prolific output. He’s whittled down those 300 songs to the 12 that will appear on Sunshine Convention’s self-titled debut next month.

The lead single for the album, and for the band in general, is today’s “Dawned On Me.” It’s a chugging, buzzing, eminently hooky power-pop tune that sounds like being submerged in harmonious distortion, and you can hear it below.

Sunshine Convention is out 7/21 via démodé.

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