Fat Tony & Taydex – “Spectacular” & “Don’t Tap In / Contusion”

Fat Tony & Taydex – “Spectacular” & “Don’t Tap In / Contusion”

Last we heard from Houston underground rapper Fat Tony, he teamed up with New York producer Blockhead on the track “I’m Thinking ‘Bout Moving,” which dropped in May. Today, Fat Tony is announcing a new album, and it has a great title: I Will Make A Baby In This Damn Economy. Produced by Taydex, it features Paul Wall, B L A C K I E, Cadence Weapon, Harriet Brown, and B.K. Habermehl, and will be out in August.

Tony says of the album, which was written and recorded in Taydex’s North Hollywood studio: “We had much more freedom and flexibility in making this album and you can hear it. It felt like a family project.” He adds, “At this age, giving game is my main objective. What am I doing if I’m not sharing wisdom in my lyrics?”

Along with the album news, Fat Tony is sharing two tracks: “Spectacular” (which has a music video) and “Don’t Tap In / Contusion.” He has this to say about the songs:

While outside Taydex’s studio, having lunch on the patio, I overheard Wesley Singerman making this beat and ran in to write a song. “Spectacular” was inspired by the rapper Young Dro. He’s always been one of my favorite artists, and I was obsessed with his song “House on Me” while making this album. The first verse is my attempt at paying homage to Dro’s flows. Soon as we finished this record, we knew it should be the intro track.

B L A C K I E is a legendary noise artist from Houston and one of my oldest friends in music. I went on my first-ever tour with him in 2011, and we were rocking together for years before that. This song is all about the people that bug you to meet up unnecessarily. The strangers, acquaintances, and punishers that want to “pick your brain” and have endless, meaningless conversations. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time with people you actually like or miss? The latter half of the song was the original intro track for the album. We had to scrap it but wanted to keep our favorite part of the song on the album somehow!

Listen to both tracks below.

01 “Spectacular”
02 “Best Believe”
03 “Vibe Check” (Feat. Cadence Weapon)
04 “Baby Boy” (Feat. Paul Wall)
05 “Loosen Up” (Feat. B.K. Habermehl)
06 “Alexis” (Feat. Harriet Brown)
07 “We Still Here” (Feat. Harriet Brown)
08 “Opportunist Convention”
09 “Kickin’ In”
10 “Don’t Tap In / Contusion” (Feat. B L A C K I E)
11 “Boss Up”
12 “Make a Baby”
13 “Jasper, TX”

I Will Make A Baby In This Damn Economy is out 8/25 via Carpark. Pre-order it here.

Michael Tyrone Delaney

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