The Go-Betweens’ Robert Forster Releases New Muesli

The Go-Betweens’ Robert Forster Releases New Muesli

Robert Forster, leader of the Go-Betweens, has launched a new signature brand of muesli, which is named for a Go-Betweens song: “Spring Rain” has been modified to “Spring Grain.” The muesli also has no sugar added, is vegan-friendly, organic, and high in fiber. (According to a photo.) Sounds delightful.

“Here it is. It’s happened,” Forster posted on Facebook. “After years of preparation and final months of manufacture, Spring Grain, the organic signature Robert Forster Muesli is now on the market.”

As Music Feeds notes, the cereal is the first product to be released by Breakfast Mythology, which is a company created by a record label, Needle Mythology. “I was instantly reminded of when dear friend Damian Nelson of the Able Label first handed me a copy of the Lee Remick/Karen single all those years ago,” Forster said of the moment label head Pete Paphides handed him three boxes. “It is that significant. I couldn’t believe I was holding something I had a hand in creating. A dream had come true.”

Forster continues, “I poured it into a bowl, added milk and sliced banana, and ate in secret bliss. It’s my own mix, and if you have seen the ‘Tender Years’ video, the jars I am reaching for hold the blend of ingredients that are in Spring Grain… I hope my excitement is not annoying. But this is a big moment. I will explain where it can be ordered. And needless to say there is an entire Philosophy behind my wish to make a muesli.”

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