Cupid & Psyche – “Angels On The Phone”

Cupid & Psyche – “Angels On The Phone”

Michael Vidal and Juan Velasquez, the leaders of the long dormant California band Abe Vigoda, are working with each other once again. They’ve paired up for a new project known as Cupid & Psyche, and in September they’ll release their debut album together, Romantic Music.

“The thesis of the album is trying to transcend the limits of life and the struggle therein,” Vidal said in a statement. “There’s a lot of lyrics about feeling trapped or frustrated, and then trying to find a way out. There’s a lot of times I sing of hope and grasping towards love. But maybe in trying to escape, you take the wrong door, be it substance abuse or other vices.”

Today, they’re sharing the album’s lead single “Angels On The Phone.” “There’s this kind of spiritual nature of the internet—this overall cloud of perspectives and weird God-like omniscient view of the world,” Vidal said, with Velasquez adding: “The internet is like a power greater than yourself, because it’s everyone’s perspectives, thoughts, and viewpoints, all swirling at once.”

Watch a video for the track below.

01 “Romantic Music”
02 “Angels On The Phone”
03 “Spirit”
04 “Datura Sketch”
05 “Anxiety’s Rainbow”
06 “Serenity’s Pit”
07 “Against The Light”
08 “Jessica (Synergy)”

Romantic Music is out 9/22 via felte.

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