Magnitude – “Of Days Renewed”

Magnitude – “Of Days Renewed”

The North Carolina band Magnitude has a churning, epic take on hardcore. They make metallic, ’90s-style straight-edge anthems that sound vast and monumental, and when they play live, huge numbers of kids pile all over each other to scream along into the mic. Magnitude released their debut album To Whatever Fateful End four years ago, and that record has been inciting moments of mass catharsis ever since. Now, Magnitude are finally ready to announce their follow-up.

Back in June, Magnitude shared the excellent new single “Rectify.” Today, they’re ready to announce plans for their sophomore full-length Of Days Renewed... The members of Magnitude produced the album themselves, recording at various different studios and at their own houses. “Rectify” is on the album, and Magnitude have just shared the title track, which closes the LP. It’s a colossal chug-stomp with lyrics about the neverending search for purpose in the world. The whole song is going to be absolutely thrilling in a live-show setting, especially the tremendous gang-chant breakdown.

In a press release, singer Russell Bussey says:

“Of Days Renewed” is a song for anyone who feels lost, broken, or hopeless. We are all destined to experience dark times in our lives. I wanted to write a song pulling from some of the darkest times I’ve made it through and incorporate some of the thoughts that pushed me forward. To me, “dreaming of days renewed” is transfixing on a dream of better days and using that dream to push you through the darkness. It’s a commitment to yourself to continue pushing forward until the end.

Below, check out director Derek Rathburn’s “Of Days Renewed” video and the new album’s tracklist.

01 “Deliverance”
02 “Burn To Ashes”
03 “Through Trials”
04 “Beyond Despair”
05 “Built On Lies”
06 “Rectify”
07 “Echoes”
08 “Of Days Renewed”

Of Days Renewed is out 9/15 on Triple B Records.

Joe Calixto

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