Stream Turnstile & BADBADNOTGOOD’s Surprise New Heart Designs EP

Stream Turnstile & BADBADNOTGOOD’s Surprise New Heart Designs EP

In the two years since they released Glow On, Turnstile have blown the fuck up, ascending to levels of visibility previously untouched by a hardcore band. The Baltimore quartet has toured relentlessly during that span, but they haven’t released any new music. That finally changes today, although in this case new music means radically altered old music.

The new EP New Heart Designs finds Turnstile in collaboration with the jazzy, psychedelic, hip-hop-adjacent Toronto band BADBADNOTGOOD. It contains utterly transformed versions of three Glow On tracks, “Mystery,” “Alien Love Call,” and “Underwater Boi.” Other than Brendan Yates’ unmistakable voice, the songs barely sound like Turnstile at all. It’s much more in the BADBADNOTGOOD wheelhouse, and frankly it rules. I don’t expect Turnstile to veer too hard away from the Glow On sound whenever they finally follow it up, but New Heart Designs gives me confidence that they could keep making vital music even if it sounded nothing like most people’s idea of hardcore.

Turnstile are accompanying the new EP with a video encompassing all three tracks, filmed and edited by Alex Henery. Watch below.

New Heart Designs is out now on Roadrunner.

Alexis Gross

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