Here Is Your Song Of The Summer 2023

Here Is Your Song Of The Summer 2023

Your votes are in, and your collective voice has been heard resoundingly. This year’s winner in our annual Song Of The Summer readers’ poll really ran away with it, receiving three times as many votes as the next closest contender. But it’s fun to see what else attracted big blocs of support, so as always, here’s a countdown of the top 10, followed by a playlist featuring all of your favorite 2023 summer jams. Have fun scrolling and streaming, and enjoy these last few weeks of the Dog Days while they last.

10. Wednesday – “Chosen To Deserve”

9. Big Thief – “Vampire Empire”

8. Ryan Gosling – “I’m Just Ken”

7. Olivia Rodrigo – “Vampire”

6. DJ Crazy Times & Biljana Electronica – “Planet Of The Bass”

5. Troye Sivan – “Rush”

4. NewJeans – “Super Shy”

3. Carly Rae Jepsen – “Psychedelic Switch”

2. Militarie Gun – “Do It Faster”

1. Kylie Minogue – “Padam Padam”

(The playlist is on Apple Music too, but it wasn’t embedding correctly.)

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