We Are Scientists at Bowery Ballroom 1/12/06

I know, I know, the show was days ago. I was waiting until I heard “The Great Escape” during a pre-movie commercial for the 2006 Olympics to post. Which I haven’t… anyone catch it at the movies this weekend?

First, I’m sorry there’s no photo. I wasn’t close enough for my flash to do much good; I have some well-lit pictures of heads in front of me with a dark, blurry rock band in the background. But when you’re above a certain height, people don’t take kindly to you pushing your way to the front to take pictures.

Second, there were two opening acts. I didn’t see enough of Bishop Allen to really pass judgement, but I found The Oxford Collapse lacking. It’s really telling to compare them with WAS to see how wrong a power trio can go, and how much WAS really have going for them as a band.

Third, We Are Scientists are a great live band. They bring a refreshing energy and charisma to their show; they seem like regular guys, guys you might be friends with, who are genuinely having a great time on stage. I wonder if that accessibility is what makes people feel the need to pre-emptively defend them.

Live, a lot of songs on With Love and Squalor that get lost among the super-catchy “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” and “The Great Escape” really come, well, alive. “Callbacks” and “Worth the Wait” took me by surprise; I never really paid too much attention to the album versions of these songs. WAS even had a surpise up their sleeve- a cover of “Be My Baby,” which made for a nice sing-along. Since their album is so new, most of the crowd were curious buzzhounds rather than rabid fans. I really can?t wait to hear some new songs from these guys? they are a great live act, and I?d hate to see them pull a stellastarr* and put out a crappy second album.