Tex Crick – “Easy Keepers”

Tex Crick – “Easy Keepers”

The singer-songwriter Tex Crick does not come from Texas. Instead, Crick is a native of Sydney, Australia, and he’s currently based in Tokyo. Crick specializes in warm, hazy home-recorded music. He’s a kindred spirit to Mac DeMarco, and he’s also the first artist signed to DeMarco’s record label, which is called Mac’s Record Label.

In 2021, Tex Crick released Live In… New York City, an album of home-recorded songs that Crick put together in his New York apartment. Mac DeMarco mixed that album, and now DeMarco is getting ready to release Crick’s new LP Sweet Dreamin’. Today, Crick has shared the ambling opening track “Easy Keepers.” The songs’s video was shot in Lone Pine, California, and it features Crick hanging out in the desert. Here’s what Crick says about it:

Being an “easy keeper” in a relationship would suggest that you don’t need the regular amount of attention that others may need. During recording, I dropped a pair of chopsticks in my Tokyo studio, and it happened to hit a glass of water that made a nice sound. I re-recorded the sound of the chopsticks hitting a couple different glasses of water to alter the pitch, and that’s what you can hear during the pre-chorus of the song.

Below, check out the “Easy Keepers” video and the Sweet Dreamin’ tracklist.

01 “Easy Keepers”
02 “Silly Little Things”
03 “Alley Cat”
04 “Mulberry Wine”
05 “On The Run”
06 “All I’m Dreaming Of”
07 “Drifting Off Again”
08 “Barefoot Blues”
09 “Spring Fever”

Sweet Dreamin’ is out 10/13 on Mac’s Record Label.

Jill Francis

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