Eartheater – “Pure Smile Snake Venom”

Eartheater – “Pure Smile Snake Venom”

It’s been a few years since Alexandra Drewchin’s last full-length album as Eartheater, 2020’s Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin, but she’s kept busy, popping up as a featured guest on tracks by LSDXOXO and Rabit, executive producing the debut EP from Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon, and putting out a few songs tracks of her own, “Scripture” and “Mitosis.”

But Eartheater now has two albums ready to go. The first of those, Powders, will be released next month; its follow-up Aftermath will be out next year and is described in a press release as a sister album to Powders. Today, she’s sharing lead single “Pure Smile Snake Venom,” a bright, breezy, and sickeningly catchy co-production with her frequent collaborator Sega Bodega. Check out a video for it below.

01 “Sugarcane Switch”
02 “Crushing”
03 “Face In The Moon”
04 “Clean Break”
05 “Chop Suey”
06 “Heels Over Head”
07 “Mona Lisa Moan”
08 “Pure Smile Snake Venom”
09 “Salt Of The Earth (H2ome)”

Powders is out 9/20 via Chemical X.

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