Pouty – “Virgos Need More Love”

Pouty – “Virgos Need More Love”

Do Virgos really need more love? I’m a Virgo, but I always forget what traits that’s supposed to ascribe me. Nevertheless, I’m amenable to the argument, and if anyone wants to give me more love, I’m not going to tell you not to do that. Rachel Gagliardi, formerly of the bands Slutever and Upset, is another Virgo, and that’s how she feels. She’s got a new song about it.

Rachel Gagliardi started her project Pouty alongside Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner in 2013. Back then, Gagliardi and Zauner were both trying to make one solo song a day. Since then, Gagliardi has kept Pouty going project, putting out records like the 2017 visual album Saint Mary Of The Moods. Today, Gagliardi releases the catchy, fired-up new Pouty single “Virgos Need More Love,” and it really makes the case.

“Virgos Need More Love” is a fuzzed-up, melodic punk song that evokes the serrated hookiness of mid-’90s bubblegrunge. It’s giddy and propulsive and a whole lot of fun. Lyrically, the track explains exactly why Virgos need more love: “It’s the Virgo in me/ Worry comes naturally/ Too busy to daydream/ The need to be so complete.” Hmm. Yeah. There might be something to that. Listen below.

“Virgos Need More Love” is out now on Get Better Records.

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