Semisonic – “Out Of The Dirt” (Feat. Jason Isbell)

Semisonic – “Out Of The Dirt” (Feat. Jason Isbell)

In November, Semisonic will release their first album in 22 years, Little Bit Of Sun. Not that leader Dan Wilson has been slacking since 2001 — quite the opposite. In the years since Semisonic gave us the immortal lyric “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end,” Wilson has written with Adele, the Chicks, Chris Stapleton, Celine Dion, Meet Me @ The Altar, Mitski, and even freaking Taylor Swift. Prior to the album announcement, we heard the title track and “Grow Your Own,” and soon after we got to hear lead single “The Rope.” Today, Semisonic are back with “Out The Dirt,” which was co-written by Wilson and Lori McKenna and features Jason Isbell on lead guitar.

About the song, Dan Wilson explains: “I wrote ‘Out of the Dirt’ with the amazing Lori McKenna. I told Lori I was hoping to make something with a stomping beat and a hypnotic, mesmerizing lyrical chant. The result was even more stomping and mesmeric than I had hoped. The track is pretty simple, just me on the piano, John on fretless bass and Jake on drums. As we were cutting the track, everyone agreed it needed some hot lead guitar. But instead of adding a guitar of my own later, we reached out to Jason Isbell to see if he wanted to throw down. The answer was yes (what a day!) and the results speak for themselves: Jason fucking rocks, as we already knew.”

Listen to “Out Of The Dirt” below.

Little Bit Of Sun is out 11/3.

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