Lowertown – “Bline”

Lowertown – “Bline”

Last year’ we named Lowertown one of the Best New Bands Of 2022 as their prickly charms coalesced on their proper full-length debut, I Love To Lie. They’ve since left Dirty Hit, the label that signed them back in 2018, and are about to put out their first self-released EP, Skin Of My Teeth, which will be released next month.

“This is our first project we’ve released independently since our first album, and that feels like a new chapter opening up,” the group’s Olivia Osby said in a press release. “Things are gonna be just a little bit different with how we approach music—this is the first time in our lives where we feel a little bit settled-in and self-assured. As musicians, and just in life generally. We feel like we don’t have to prove ourselves as much.”

Today, they’re sharing Skin Of My Teeth‘s slickly grimy lead single “Bline,” which Osby said is “a song about insecurity, rejection, and old baggage inspired by my experiences of first moving to New York and London when I was 18-20 years old.” Watch a video for it below.

01 “Bline”
02 “Root Canal”
03 “Obscurity”
04 “Marionette”

The Skin Of My Teeth EP is out 10/27.

Martin Garcia

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