Lauren Mayberry – “Shame”

Lauren Mayberry – “Shame”

Lauren Mayberry has done a bunch of solo tour dates already this fall, but until today she’s only released one solo single so far. Now the Chvrches singer has followed the piano ballad “Are You Awake?” with something more upbeat. “Shame” is a distinctly different kind of electronic pop song than what Chvrches usually do — looser, sleeker, more limber, less dense. It’s all about what a shame it is when we can’t let go of our shame.

A statement from Mayberry:

I had the idea for a while of a song that had the tagline of “what a shame”, but in a sarcastic way. And the word “shame” having a double meaning – the shame you feel and internalize, but what a shame you feel like that and can’t change it.

Looking back on a lot of my life in terms of relationships, sexuality and my sense of self in the world, there is a lot of shame associated with that. I came into my teens in the early-mid 2000s, a time period we now regard as a bit of a shithole in terms of gender and media messages (post Woodstock 99, the dawn of sex tape leaks, Girls Gone Wild, etc etc). What was deemed “attractive” for women and girls was quite disturbing in hindsight, and that’s what went into my brain at a formative time, romanticizing bargain basement, local band boy versions of Reality Bites Ethan Hawke. But now I know better, my wiring is still to find those things attractive on a cellular level. I know not to want those things academically, but emotionally, romantically, sexually, I have been trained to find those things valuable and attractive.

I know you are what you eat and it’s the taste that keeps me tame.

Listen below.

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