John Francis Flynn – “Willie Crotty”

John Francis Flynn – “Willie Crotty”

John Francis Flynn has a background in traditional Irish folk music — it’s what he plays in the band Skipper’s Alley — but like his friends in Lankum, Flynn pushes those sounds to fascinating, experimental places. Upon announcing new solo album Look Over The Wall, See The Sky last month, he released “Mole In The Ground,” which rattles ahead like Arab Strap drowsily speeding down a highway. Today he’s returned with “Willie Crotty,” a song that more obviously showcases those Irish folk music roots.

Although “Willie Crotty” is a folk traditional, it also becomes Flynn’s chance to show how spooky he can make those old songs feel. Against a droning keyboard and ominous percussion that come together like a gathering storm, Flynn lets loose with powerful vocals that feel like they’re channeling previous generations. The tone is dark, discordant, and vaguely disturbing; you could do worse if seeking a soundtrack for your haunted house this Halloween.

Hear both songs below.

01 “The Zoological Gardens”
02 “Mole In The Ground”
03 “Willie Crotty”
04 “Kitty”
05 “The Seasons”
06 “Within A Mile Of Dublin”
07 “The Lag Song”
08 “Dirty Old Town”

Look Over The Wall, See The Sky is out 11/10 on River Lea.

Steve Gullick

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