Bory – “We Both Won”

Bory – “We Both Won”

Bory, aka Brenden Ramirez, is one of many rising power-pop acts who’ve teamed with his fellow Portland resident Mo Troper in recent years. Troper produced Ramirez’s debut Bory album Who’s A Good Boy, out in December, and today the lead single is out. “We Both Won” combines jangly guitars, a sprightly tempo, and Ramirez’s moonbeam vocals into as pleasant a little tune as you could wish for. The arpeggiated riff that kicks in after the chorus is gold. As for the lyrical content, “We Both Won” seems to be a post-breakup kiss-off. Opening lyrics: “Don’t take this the wrong way/ But we’re all good/ You might feel guilty/ At least you should.” Listen below.

01 “The Flake”
02 “Feel The Burn”
03 “Five-Course Meal”
04 “Our New Home”
05 “North Douglas”
06 “End Of The World”
07 “We Both Won”
08 “Wreck”
09 “Secrets”
10 “Sidelined”
11 “Take It From Me”

Who’s A Good Boy is out 12/8 via Earth Worms. Pre-order it here.

Sanjay Kapila

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