Konradsen – “Out In The Backyard”

Konradsen – “Out In The Backyard”

It’s been four years since Konradsen released their debut album Saints And Sebastian Stories, which led us to name the Norwegian duo a Band To Watch and landed them on our Best New Bands list in 2019. They put out a couple EPs after that, but now they’re finally ready for a full-length follow-up, which they’re announcing now — it’s called Michael’s Book of Bears and it will be out in March. Today, they’re sharing lead single “Out In The Backyard.”

“This song is about the process of moving and building something new in a place that you thought you’d left behind,” Konradsen shared in a statement. “Specifically, moving back to the village you had left for good, and the tingling feeling of having to build something new among old memories. It’s about coming to terms with one’s own prejudices and the fear of being reunited with old classmates and the checkout lady who reads your shopping cart like a tarot card.”

Listen below.

01 “Out In The Backyard”
02 “Scandinavian Dynamite”
03 “Michael”
04 “I.O.U.”
05 “Maybe I Like Fermentation”
06 “Let It Pour Like The Old Days”
07 “Thickest Birch” (Feat. Fredrik Høyer)
08 “Fieldfare”
09 “Pillow Mountain”
10 “Dolos Viessu” (Feat. Emil Karlsen)
11 “Æ og min elskede”

Michael’s Book On Bears is out 3/8 via 777 Music. Pre-order it here.

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