Coliseum Release Surprise Reunion Album As C.L.S.M.

Coliseum Release Surprise Reunion Album As C.L.S.M.

The Louisville punk band Coliseum went on an indefinite hiatus in 2015, shortly after the release of Anxiety’s Kiss, the band’s fifth full-length album since they started making music in 2003. But today all three main Coliseum members — Ryan Patterson, Kayhan Vaziri, and Carter Wilson — have regrouped to release an album under the name C.L.S.M. as a surprise. It’s called Infinity Shit.

Though all three of its members have been working on their own projects, the songs that would eventually make up Infinity Shit started coming together a couple years ago. “Carter, Kayhan and I are regularly in contact, often talking about new movies and music we like and keeping up to date on each other’s lives and bands,” Patterson shared in a statement. “While Coliseum ended activity in 2015, for us the connection and friendship we had is still very much alive and we continued to desire to make music together.” Patterson continued:

A jolt of inspiration hit me in 2021 and I started writing demos of fast and intense D-beat and skank beat hardcore songs then sent them to Carter and Kayhan. We were all excited about the music and the idea of working together so we made this album, purely based on the immediate creative spark and our long-term friendship and collaboration.

Listen to Infinity Shit below.

Infinity Shit is out now. Vinyl is available to order via Equal Vision Records.

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