Stream Addy’s Luminous, Heartfelt New EP Temperance

Stream Addy’s Luminous, Heartfelt New EP Temperance

Addy, the musical project of Philly-based Addy Watkins, has a wonderful new EP out today. As Watkins explains in a note to Bandcamp followers, recording for Temperance started in Nashville in the summer of 2021 with Watkins’ co-producer Collin Pastore, known for his work with Lucy Dacus. (Notably, Dacus shot the photo that became the cover art.) It’s full of brisk but tender songs with forceful backbeats tying together gorgeous, delicate arrangements, tracks situated somewhere between folk-rock, alt-country, and indie-pop. It’s a decidedly post-Pinegrove sound, laced with acoustic guitars and pedal steel and conjuring a moody vibe similar to Pennsylvania peers like Slaughter Beach, Dog and Another Michael.

Check out what Addy had to say about the project:

in the summer of 2021 i drove down to nashville with my band to record a batch of songs that would eventually become temperance.

2 years later and i’ll be 30 later this month, and it’s been just over 1 year since i started hrt.
i often end up writing about change, because i think it’s beautiful in concept but normally struggle when it’s happening to me. these songs are all a bit about that.

in tarot, the temperance card is of an androgynous figure, one foot in the water, one foot on the land. she’s not plagued with the two worlds but boldly exists in both, occupying the space between them. i think i’m always searching for that feeling, not only in music but in life.

temperance ep is out everywhere today and i hope these songs can begin to take on their own life beyond me.

Listen below.

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