Cigarettes After Sex – “Motion Picture Soundtrack” (Radiohead Cover)

Cigarettes After Sex – “Motion Picture Soundtrack” (Radiohead Cover)

The very popular dream-pop band Cigarettes After Sex haven’t released an album since 2019’s Cry, but they have dropped some stray singles over the past couple years, most recently the pair of “Bubblegum” and “Stop Waiting” this past July. Today, they’re sharing a cover of Radiohead’s Kid A closer “Motion Picture Soundtrack.”

“I first heard a version of this song that was just solo voice & guitar, recorded live at a show in 1997,” bandleader Greg Gonzalez explained in a statement. “I love how they transformed it for the finished song they did years later, but there was something about the simplicity of that original stripped down recording that always stuck with me.” He continued:

I wanted our version to try to capture that feeling somehow & focus on the beautiful sadness & romance I heard in the lyrics. We actually recorded this in 2015 on the same day as ‘Affection’ and our covers of ‘Keep On Loving You’ and ‘Neon Moon,’ but it somehow didn’t feel completely right to release it until now. Luckily, the song has only become more personal to me over the years & I’m truly glad it’s finally coming out…

Listen below.

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