Magic Tuber Stringband – “Days Of Longing”

Magic Tuber Stringband – “Days Of Longing”

In recent years, North Carolina’s Magic Tuber Stringband have emerged as a force in the realm of traditional Appalachian folk music. Fiddler Courtney Werner and 12-string guitarist Evan Morgan create music that drones back through the centuries but feels current and alive. On new album Needlefall, they’ll do so for the venerable Thrill Jockey label. Lead single “Days Of Longing” is out now, and it exhibits the band’s knack for both aching beauty and noisy detours from the mean. Listen below.

01 “A Dance On A Sunday Night”
02 “Days Of Longing”
03 “The Hermit’s Passage”
04 “Water Dripped Upwards”
05 “The Long-Suffering”
06 “Needlefall”
07 “Twelfth House”
08 “Piney Woods Burn”

Needlefall is out 3/22 on Thrill Jockey. Pre-order it here.

Kristin Karch

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