Bicep – “CHROMA 001 HELIUM”

Bicep – “CHROMA 001 HELIUM”

Bicep are back with a new single, “CHROMA 001 HELIUM,” which marks the start of a new project called CHROMA, which will encompass a record label, a series of events, and a new DJ show. “We’ve increasingly wanted to show a more rounded picture of what we do in the studio,” the pair shared in a statement. “We do a lot of more heavy techno focused music, ambient and various other styles that don’t really fit into the ‘BICEP’ sound, and which often never sees the light of day.”

Bicep released their sophomore full-length Isles in 2021. They’ve dropped a couple stray tracks and remixes since then, most recently the 2022 one-off “Water.”

“HELIUM was written specifically for our London Ally Pally shows at the end of 2022,” Bicep said of the new track. “The show felt a little too sweet in certain sections and we wanted to add some more grit into the show…. [It’s] a bit darker and more club-focused than most of our music we have released over the past few years. Although it’s actually a pretty fair representation of what we’re listening to and playing in our dj sets.”

Check it out below.

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