Water Damage – “Reel E”

Water Damage – “Reel E”

The Austin noise band Water Damage specialize in clattering, droning grooves that cycle onward into infinity until you’re locked into a trance — “volume, repetition, volume, repetition, volume and repetition” as their official bio explains. I’ve found their work to be an incredible soundtrack for writing, and I listed “Fuck This: Reel 11” as my favorite song of last year. The group — Mari Maurice (aka More Eaze), Thor Harris, Jonathan Horne, Nate Cross, George Dishner, Travis Austin, Mike Kanin, Greg Piwonka, Jeff Piwonka, and Lonnie “Palmtree” Slack — put out their awesome 2 Songs album in June, and today they’ve returned with news of another LP.

In E is coming in April on 12XU. It features three new originals — “Reel E,” “Reel EE,” and “Reel EEE” — plus a cover of Austin experimentalists Shit & Shine’s “Ladybird” that incorporates vocals by Shit & Shine mastermind Craig Clouse. Every track is the length of an LP side. Today we get to hear the first one, “Reel E,” so delve into droning hypnosis below.

01 “Reel E”
02 “Reel EE”
03 “Reel EEE”
04 “Ladybird”

In E is out 4/12 on 12XU. I really hope Water Damage do a show in Austin during SXSW.

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