Claire Rousay – “head”

Claire Rousay – “head”

Claire Rousay has been one of the most fascinating and rewarding artists in the underground for a few years now. Today she announces sentiment, her first album for the great experimental-leaning Chicago indie label Thrill Jockey. It features guest spots from Hand Habits and Lala Lala, and it’s out in April.

Rousay’s work has often focused on ambient collage, and though there’s some of that on lead single “head,” it centers her heavily processed voice. The song presents a unique blend of slowcore, hyperpop, post-rock, and pop-punk; it will surely be polarizing, but you gotta love the big swing. The title stems from this lyric: “Spent enough of my life giving you head/ Just in case you need to forgive me someday/ For something that I did.”

Listen below.

01 “4pm”
02 “head”
03 “it could be anything”
04 “asking for it”
05 “iii”
06 “lover’s spit plays in the background”
07 “sycamore skylight”
08 “please 5 more minutes” (Feat. Lala Lala)
09 “w sunset blvd”
10 “ily2” (Feat. Hand Habits)

sentiment is out 4/19 on Thrill Jockey. Pre-order it here.

Zoe Donahoe

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