Dent May – “Coasting On Fumes” (Feat. Jordana)

Dent May – “Coasting On Fumes” (Feat. Jordana)

LA-based Mississippi native Dent May has just announced his new album What’s For Breakfast? He’s promoting it today with an extremely charming song and music video. “Coasting On Fumes” is a duet with Jordana, May’s fellow indie-pop mainstay. The lyrics spell out a familiar vehicular metaphor for burnout, and both singers deliver them with a sort of un-ironic retro devotion. They throw themselves even more gleefully into director Nathan Castiel’s music video, which literalizes the car stuff and features some excellent performances from the two singers. It’s the only video that has made me smile recently.

Dent May has this to say:

“Coasting On Fumes” is a song title that popped into my head while driving around Los Angeles on an empty tank of gas. Jordana and I had been online acquaintances for a bit, and when she came into town from New York, we set up some time to write. The song title came up, and I think it hit a nerve as we were both feeling a bit burned out on the daily grind. We wrote the song in a day. The original version had only Jordana singing, but I loved it so much I had to make it a duet and steal it for my album.

Watch below.

01 “You Already Know”
02 “Keep Me In Mind”
03 “One Call, That’s All”
04 “The Simple Life”
05 “Coasting On Fumes” (Feat. Jordana)
06 “Kiss Me In The Rain”
07 “Heaven On Wheels”
08 “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun” (Feat. Pearl & The Oysters)
09 “Cactus Flower”
10 “Don’t Stop Doing What You’re Doing”
11 “Singing For My Supper”
12 “Let’s Take It From The Top” (Feat. Jimmy Whispers)

What’s For Breakfast? is out 3/29 on Carpark.

Daniel Topete

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