Clementine Was Right – “Meet Me In The Dark”

Clementine Was Right – “Meet Me In The Dark”

Last year, Clementine Was Right shared “River Boys” and “There Are No More Almond Trees.” Today, Mike Young and Gion Davis are announcing their new album Tell Yourself You’re Going Home. “Meet Me In The Dark” is out now.

The two poets invited over 30 people to contribute to Tell Yourself You’re Going Home. Collaboration was integral for the album, along with traveling, though the pair is currently based in Colorado. They cite Radiohead, Death Cab For Cutie, Garth Brooks, Titus Andronicus, and Billy Bragg as influences, as well as System Of A Down — specifically the choir vocals on “Chop Suey.”

See if you can hear any of that in “Meet Me In The Dark” below.

01 “There Are No More Almond Trees”
02 “Attic Full Of Barbie Limousines”
03 “Coca Cola Vigil”
04 “Secret To Let Go”
05 “Meet Me In The Dark”
06 “River Boys”
07 “It’s Ketchup (We’re Fuckups)”
08 “Take Tall Walks”
09 “Goddamn Universe”
10 “Imagine A Fire You Can Wear As A Coat”

Tell Yourself You’re Going Home is out 5/10.

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