Brennan Wedl – “Fake Cowboy”

Brennan Wedl – “Fake Cowboy”

Lately the Nashville musician Brennan Wedl has caught the attention of some very talented people. Snail Mail’s Lindsey Jordan has been shouting Wedl out on Instagram, and Jordan introduced Wedl’s music to Waxahatchee’s Katie Crutchfield, who had this to say about it on her Substack:

I feel inundated with very good new music (Beyonce, Jessica Pratt) but 2 artists have released things I can’t stop listening to. The first just put out a couple singles, both of which are great and one of which I simply cannot stop singing. Her name is Brennan Wedl and the song is “2 Dollar Pistol” – have you heard it? Go listen to it if not. It’s catchy, it’s country, it’s 90s, it’s just so many things that I love & you know it’s just FUN. I’m loving it. Lindsey Jordan showed me her song “I Wanna Be Your TV” a few months ago and I’ve been such a fan ever since. I can’t wait to hear the rest of what I assume is an album being rolled out.

This week Wedl has a new song out called “Fake Cowboy,” and it lives up to Crutchfield’s description. The song starts out like a sparse ’90s alt-rock ballad ends in a grunge inferno, lacing in latent bits of country influence in a way that feels completely natural and unforced. And the lyrics, a look at perilous dating experiences in Nashville, are spectacular. The second verse:

A montage of monologues big talk and Smirnoff
I listened and sucked in my gut
He moved here from Memphis and won’t pay his taxes I nodded and kept my mouth shut
The dancehall was lit up in red white and blue and the floor wore the carving of boots
And I felt like June Carter just swinging around in the arms of a man with tattoos
A stranger’s a reckless pursuit

Listen below along with some other recent songs.

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