FACS – “North America Endless”

FACS – “North America Endless”

FACS, the tense and noisy Chicago post-punk band, are putting out a new single through the Sub Pop. The A-side, “North America Endless,” is out now, while the B-side, a cover of the Eurythmics’ “Take Me To Your Heart,” is presumably coming on April 12 when the record’s released. This band covering Eurythmics is an intriguing, confounding prospect, but in the meantime we get some classic FACS action via “North America Endless,” albeit slightly prettier than normal.

A statement from the band’s Brian Case:

We had been talking a lot about how to incorporate melody in a new way with the material we were starting to write after Still Life In Decay, and this was one of the first experiments with that. I had this inverted Polvo thing I had been playing around with that Jonathan married to a really nice Frippy sustained lead, and it kind of just wrote itself. Lyrically, it’s about the dissociation needed to live in this country and the powerlessness that can bring. Noah’s beat at the end of the song is one of my favorites from him.

Watch director Joshua Ford’s video for the song below.

“North America Endless” b/w “Take Me To Your Heart” is out 4/12 on Sub Pop. Pre-order it here.

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