Merce Lemon – “Will You Do Me A Kindness”

Merce Lemon – “Will You Do Me A Kindness”

Merce Lemon keeps good company. The singer-songwriter has toured with Pittsburgh neighbors feeble little horse and fellow equine indie greats Horse Jumper Of Love. She released a split album of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy covers with MJ Lenderman bandmate Colin Miller. And Vermont roots rocker extraordinaire Greg Freeman directed the video for “Will You Do Me A Kindness,” her new single out today.

Speaking of that song: Besides keeping good company, Lemon makes good music too. Over the course of nearly six minutes, “Will You Do Me A Kindness” builds from a quiet, confessional vibe to slow-churning indie-rock splendor. Is there an emotional guitar solo? You’d better believe there’s an emotional guitar solo.

Lemon calls the song “a collage of moments, lines, and feelings I had gathered over the months. The title comes from a quote I heard in the youtube video of the crass Winnebago man and the rest kind of spilled out from there. It is a song close to my heart, the inescapable loneliness we feel as humans, the little things we notice when we are alone, the fear yet desire to give ourselves wholly to another.”

Watch the video below.

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