Candy Apple Share Three Songs From New Album Comatose

Candy Apple Share Three Songs From New Album Comatose

Candy Apple’s last album was 2021’s ferocious Sweet Dreams Of Violence, which was followed by an EP entitled World For Sale the following year. Today, the Denver hardcore crew is back with the announcement of their new LP Comatose. The deafening singles “Paralyzed,” “Pull The Plug,” and “Heavens Gate” are all out today, along with a 25-minute short film called Total Control.

“We are all film lovers,” the band said in a statement. “After completing our last music video, ‘I Don’t Wanna Talk About It,’ which was directed by Cain Cox, we wanted to go all in on creating a longer-form narrative film that still emphasized the band’s music and vision. The result is TOTAL CONTROL, a short film also directed by Cain Cox, that expands upon the themes and narrative we were only able to scratch the surface of in our first video. This film, which concludes at just under 30 minutes, explores themes of choice, consequence, and self-control. Inspired by grindhouse, horror, and slasher movies of the 1970s and 1980s, the film strikes a balance between disgusting, gross-out horror and slapstick humor with an array of set design and special effects that were all created in-house by the band and director Cain Cox.”

Below, hear the three new tracks and check out Total Control.

01 “Paralyzed”
02 “Pull The Plug”
03 “Heaven’s Gate”
04 “Afraid Of Myself”
05 “Dying Artist, Dead Format”
06 “Amputate”
07 “Fractured”
08 “Self-Made American Man”
09 “Coma / Coda”

Comatose is out 5/17 on Convulse.

Joe Lacey

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