Body Meat – “High Beams”

Body Meat – “High Beams”

We’re about to get new albums from Meatbodies and Body Meat in the same year. That probably illustrates some larger point about the way society values human bodies, but I don’t know what it is. If you’re not familiar with Body Meat, it’s the alias of Philly DIY artist Chris Taylor. (Not the Grizzly Bear Chris Taylor, or for that matter the Dodgers player Chris Taylor. A different Chris Taylor.) As Body Meat, Taylor makes inventively chaotic instrumental music that fuses all kinds of different subgenres together.

This year, Body Meat has already played one of Stereogum’s Austin parties and released the single “Focus.” That song is on Starchris, the new Body Meat album that’s coming out this summer. It’s a concept LP about a hero’s journey, and it’s inspired by video-game storytelling. Today, we’re also getting the new Body Meat track “High Beams,” which goes crazy with smeary in-the-red trap and rage production styles before turning into jittery dance music. Here’s what Taylor says about the track:

“High Beams” is about a programmer anxiously creating a game from within a cave. He codes all of the functionality, the rules, and physics, every parameter to his liking. He then tries to instantiate himself into this world as a copy. But an oversight within his sloppy code work creates a bug within it. His instantiated copy is unable to be removed and begins hunting him. The programmer, terrified, tries to destroy the copy of himself. Nothing he does can stop the copy from moving towards him. He starts to realize he has done this before. The copy remembers him, and knows that he has to warn the programmer. The programmer is cursed to write this code over and over again. Only the bugged copy can break the cycle.

The “High Beams” video, directed by past Body Meat collaborator Rich Smith, tells that story literally. Below, watch the video and check out the Starchris tracklist.

01 “A Tone In The Dark”
02 “The Mad Hatter”
03 “High Beams”
04 “Electrische”
05 “Focus”
06 “Right Here”
07 “Crystalize”
08 “North Side”
09 “Starchris”
10 “Im In Pieces”
11 “Demons”
12 “Õbu No Seirei (Spirit Of An Orb)”
13 “Paradise”

Starchris is out 8/23 on Partisan.

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