Mister Goblin – “Run, Hide, Fight”

Mister Goblin – “Run, Hide, Fight”

Next week, Mister Goblin will release his new album Frog Poems. So far the indie rock project of Sam Goblin (of Two Inch Astronaut fame) has shared “Goodnight Sun” and “The Notary,” and today he’s back with the beautifully off-kilter “Run, Hide, Fight.”

“I used to work in the [redacted] public school district, and this song is about one day shortly after the Townville shooting when we were told we needed to conduct an active shooter drill with no real instruction or sense of how to explain what we were doing to elementary school kids,” he explained in a statement. “Obviously these drills have become more common, but at the time it was pretty surreal since we were basically making it up. Musically I wanted the song to groove in kind of an uneasy way, like a groove that’s holding back puke.”

Hear the track below.

Frog Poems is out 4/26 via Spartan Records.

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