Joe Goddard – “Moments Die” (Feat. Barrie)

Joe Goddard – “Moments Die” (Feat. Barrie)

Joe Goddard has released a plethora of music on his own and in his band Hot Chip. However, the British musician only has two solo albums: 2009’s Harvest Festival and 2017’s Electric Lines. Today, he’s announcing his third, Harmonics. The single “Moments Die” is out now, and it follows February’s “New World (Flow)” with Fiorious.

“My new single ‘Moments Die’ features a beautiful vocal contribution from my friend Barrie which for me is a highlight of my forthcoming album,” Goddard said in a statement. “My words were inspired by John Berger’s book And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief As Photos.”

“Moments Die” comes with a music video directed by Nathan Castiel and shot in New York and Hastings. Harmonics has even more guests: Hot Chip bandmates Alexis Taylor and Al Doyle, Ibibio Sound Machine’s Eno Williams, UK rapper Oranje, former Wild Beasts frontman Hayden Thorpe, Tom McFarland of the London dance-pop group Jungle, Guinean vocalist Falle Nioke, and UK jazz musician Alabaster DePlume.

“With all the different people on this record, I’ve been working on how to respect the contribution they make and not trying to be the one who has to lead everything,” Goddard explained. “That follows through into the songs where I’m singing. I tried to write words without having too much of an idea of what I’m trying to express, where I’m just writing a stream of consciousness.”

The collaboration was also a reason for the album title, about which he expounded:

Part of the reason why I wanted to call this Harmonics is that I was trying to create something very inclusive and empathetic, something harmonious. There’s a lot of aggressive division in the world, and I wanted this to be loving, romantic – and fun.” This is the soulful thread that runs through all of Joe Goddard’s favorite music – genres from soul and funk, to house and garage. Harmonics is not just a title but a promise fulfilled – an unbridled celebration of compassion, collaboration, and creation.

Watch the “Moments Die” video below.

01 “Moments Die” (Feat. Barrie)
02 “Progress” (Feat. Ibibio Sound Machine)
03 “Destiny” (Feat. Findia)
04 “New World (Flow)” (Feat. Fiorious)
05 “When Love’s Out Of Fashion” (Feat. Oranje)
06 “Follow You”
07 “On My Mind”
08 “Summon” (Feat. Hayden Thorpe)
09 “When You Call” (Feat. Findia)
10 “Out At Night”
11 “Mountains” (Feat. Alexis Taylor and Al Doyle)
12 “Ghosts” (Feat. Tom McFarland)
13 “Miles Away” (Feat. Falle Nioke)
14 “Revery” (Feat. Alabaster DePlume)

Harmonics is out 7/12.

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