Big Bliss – “You’re A Man”

Big Bliss – “You’re A Man”

The melodically charged NYC post-punks Big Bliss released their album Vital Return last year, and it lived up to its name. Today they dropped a B-side from the project. “You’re A Man” finds Wallace May sarcastically beckoning Tim Race’s character with praise, while Race obliviously laps it up. Like so many Big Bliss songs, it’s catchy as hell and it moves with purpose.

May shared this statement:

I think Tim once called this our “winkiest” song and that’s really the perfect way to describe it. While trying to come up with a vocal melody, Tim just started jokingly singing “you’re a man, congratulations, such decent being, with education.”

The two of us wrote the rest of the lyrics separately and then put it all together (which is where the call and response comes in). The song is deeply sarcastic but if any men are actually offended, they’re the ones we wrote it for. To all the men who came to the foot of the stage to approve my use of pedals, this Buds for you.

Race also shared some words:

My intent with my “character” in the song was to embody a particularly defensive, entitled man becoming more and more flustered in response to Wallace’s deadpan sarcasm. I will say that I, in part, am representing a punched-up version of behavior and attitude I’ve noticed even in a younger version of myself. Hopefully that guy stays in the past.

Listen below.

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