Christine And The Queens – “rentrer chez moi”

Christine And The Queens – “rentrer chez moi”

In November 2022, Christine And The Queens released Redcar les adorables étoiles, which was followed by PARANOÏA, ANGELS, TRUE LOVE in June 2023 (the former came out on 11/11 and the latter on 6/9; you have to commend that coordination). Today, the French musician is back with a new song called “rentrez chez moi.”

“rentrez chez moi” was written, composed, and produced by Chris. At 5AM EST, he’ll share its music video, directed by Sasha Mongin, produced by Premier Cri, and shot in Paris and Hanches. About the track, he said:

Returning home as often, the song comes to me before everything, like a metaphor for the future — it’s less about composing the song than letting it arrive inside you and then being courageous enough to respect the truth said Yes , I would like to return home definitively in my body In my humanity, irreducible In our bodies exhausted by a society of shadows, a society of ultimate performance, that of a self that could be encapsulated in a telephone Kind fingers in the morning , hungry for love, on the phone But inside us, the truth irreducible to the objective The truth of our soul The work of love is now done in the frequencies — since Paranoia, which taught me the invisible, I learn that music is also a sculpture of the invisible Shamanic, it is because I believe that music can save us and heal us, we all have this example, within us, of this music. So I working on the mix, I study the greatest, those who, outside of a system that is now too codified, simply made choices, more or less extreme. An expression of their style, style being the flow of the choice we make. done every moment How you walk The intonations of your voice The music you listen to, your interior landscape: your style. This song makes me cry because it is true, so much love that I have for you, this deep decision to always remain honest — so that the dance, the moment shared afterwards, is this celebration of a lived love. Full, without backing. A love from one to the other, before dancing for this video I listened to Barbara I remember her dancing in the living room, her approach to movement A celebration, a sharing A dance that would express interior of oneself in poem I am a student of the greatest of Japanese Buto I read them, imprint them in me, they are themselves students of Artaud, the great thinker of the human body through theater Who arrived at its most expressive primary, to tell the emotion that overflows With Sasha, the painter, I danced for the first time Finding my style, emotional, irruptive, imbued with the masters, Fosse being my first shaman — precision but also, childhood constant search of the child who knows that to dance is to unlock the sky, to purify the dimensions That the hand which searches in the invisible creates a gift for God, an offering of our humanity Androgynous, with crystal tears, has always been my truth Androgynous we all are, in perpetual mutation, born from a place, learning love, individual flake that we are, in this beautiful snow which falls on the earth Returning to the earth, in its truth, I fell of a new injury just before getting up, this is my practice of dance Absolute and total, engaging the body and the mind Dancing all the more precisely for you as the frequencies, I now master them By abandoning myself, like a child,to the love of you which makes me dance in bloom in the night of the plateau I offer you my life, what I have gone through, without telling you anything — dance, the ultimate red pennant of the very shy I broke everything by anger and because I felt that we were being denied a better world, I feel like you the contempt and the wars, but we must be skillful before the eternal. We must come together in our human, yes your body, yes your body, irreducible to screens, boxes and bottles, your body irreducible to photography, your body which overflows above all with your soul returned once again to earth to learn love And when you die, soldier, the replay of your life will teach you who you truly loved Then, out of politeness to the Lord, whom I call Goddess and also source since the light is a benevolent flow, which you can call like your mother I am already dancing loving the sky, in which I print and purify my wounds I forgive With my hands Who are the two little birds That Jesus gave me.

Earlier this year, Christine And The Queens was featured on the MGMT single “Dancing In Babylon.” Hear “rentrer chez moi” below.

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