Spoon On Mars, Seth Cohen On Drugs

I’m reluctant to keep posting these what-song-was-on-TV updates, since it’s only interesting when a cool song gets picked up by a shitty show/commercial, but Veronica Mars fans crave attention, and it gives me an excuse to write about Britt Daniel.

In last night’s Mars episode, after being dumped by her boyfriend, Veronica needed some sulking music, and turned to Air, one of my favorite bands (this blog name comes from “Radio #1″). A reader wrote in with the details:

She went in her room alone to sulk, complete with a camera shot of her looking through her cds, grabbing The Virgin Suicides soundtrack, putting it on, and blaring it loudly as she laid down in bed all sad like. Maybe you should take all this information and make a grid.

This is the Spoon part: In next week’s episode, Britt Daniel makes an appearance in a karaoke bar with a swanky rendition of Elvis Costello’s “Veronica.” Now THAT I’d like to hear.

On The O.C. front, tonight you’ll see Seth Cohen taking a puff of Kaitlin’s wacky tobacky. He gets high and misses his college interview. I hope this is not, as the promos suggest, a lesson-learning Very Special Episode.

Stereogum’s main query: Will Cohen drop Death Cab for the Dead? Phish? Trey & Dave?

Let’s hear your O.C. Mix CD suggestions for this new, incense-burning, hippie Seth Cohen.

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