meija – “SEVEN (Feat. Hand Habits)

meija – “SEVEN (Feat. Hand Habits)

In November, meija collaborated with Eels for the song “Possum.” The project of former Echosmith guitarist Jamie Sierota is back today with the announcement of his sophomore album There’s Always Something; the single “SEVEN,” featuring Hand Habits, is out now.

“It’s about looking at the things you grew up with — these big stories that you’re told — and deciding what you want to keep,” Sierota said. “It’s a song about letting go. Seven is an important number for a lot of faiths and cultures. This is one of the most imagery-heavy songs I’ve written.”

“It takes place in a dream world,” he continued about the video. “We continue the story I’ve been telling in this series of videos but now we go completely introspective. It’s a play on the conversations we all have with ourselves and how we process things through dreams. I always pictured the visuals for this song being black and white. We also took some inspiration from The Seventh Seal.”

Hand Habits added, “Meija is a very creative and uniquely spirited musician, and I was really excited to be asked to join him on the song ‘Seven.’ Had such a blast finding my place in his wide sonic world.”

About the album, Sierota expounded:

This record ended up being much more internal than the previous one. I was thinking about family a lot. There’ve been several deaths in the family recently. The past two years have been re-examining the past 10 years of my life and reconstructing things. I started a family of my own when I left my sibling band. That was an interesting dynamic of leaving family to have my own. I realized that some of the things I thought I was over, I wasn’t. I buried it instead of facing it. I was surprised how hard it was to get into the headspace to finish some of these songs when the subject felt too heavy or personal. This process really showed me my strengths are my ultimately weaknesses and vice versa.

There’s Always Something was recorded and produced by Sierota in his home studio in Los Angeles. “Possum” appears on the LP. Watch the “SEVEN” video below.

There’s Always Something is out 10/25.

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