Luke Temple And The Cascading Moms – “I Can Dream”

Luke Temple And The Cascading Moms – “I Can Dream”

Luke Temple was the driving force behind the Brooklyn indie band Here We Go Magic, and he’s also released solo albums, both under his own name and his Art Feynman alter-ego. Now, Temple has a new trio called Luke Temple And The Cascading Moms, and their debut album Certain Limitations is set to come out this summer.

The Cascading Moms came together when Luke Temple needed a backing band to play a live show. He recruited his Art Feynman collaborator Kosta Galanopolous and Doug Stewart, a Los Angeles musician who’s been playing with Brijean for a while. For Certain Limitations, Temple and his bandmates worked from a slate of influences that includes Dire Straits, the Velvet Underground, and the catalog of the jazz label ECM.

The lead single from Certain Limitations actually isn’t a new song. Luke Temple recorded an early version of “I Can Dream” a few years ago, and he released it on the 2020 Art Feynman album Half Price At 3:30. In its original form, “I Can Dream” was a woozy synth lullaby, but Temple and his Cascading Moms have turned it into a pretty sun-dazed groove. Below, check out the new version of “I Can Dream” and the Certain Limitations tracklist.

01 “Certain Limitations”
02 “Church Street”
03 “I Can Dream”
04 “I Will Not Kill”
05 “It’s All About Timing”
06 “Sandy’s Dead”
07 “Second Half”
08 “Softly”

Certain Limitations is out 7/12 on Western Vinyl.

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