The Hives – “Hooked On A Feeling” (Blue Swede Cover)

The Hives – “Hooked On A Feeling” (Blue Swede Cover)

Last year, the Hives released their sixth studio album The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons. Today, the Swedish rock band is sharing a cover of fellow Swedish rock band Blue Swede, tackling none other than their 1974 hit “Hooked On A Feeling.”

“50 years ago a Swedish band landed at the top of the number one spot of the US Billboard chart,” the Hives wrote on Instagram. They continued:

This song was “Hooked On A Feeling” (Yes the hooga chacka one) by Blue Swede. We were recently asked to record it for Spotify Singles. We found ourselves with an hour or two to spare so basically we went in and counted 1,2,3,4 without really ever learning the song first but having excellent musical memory, marksmanship and fast thinking we got through a version in the Spotify Studio (which is like a Alice In Wonderland style hole in the middle of an office landscape), that we are really very proud of. The original is very neat, polished and well presented so the song didn’t need more of that. It seemed to want us to show it some tough love and as little respect as possible really. Not since “Fall Is Just Something Grown Ups Invented” have we turned something around so quickly. Hope you dig it and that it reaches the top of the upper echelon part of the number one spot above the Billboard Chart again!

Hear the cover below.


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