Sublime Release First New Song In 28 Years, Based On Old Bradley Nowell Recording

Sublime Release First New Song In 28 Years, Based On Old Bradley Nowell Recording

In December, it was revealed that Rome was leaving Sublime With Rome, and it quickly became evident that the late Bradley Nowell’s son Jakob was taking over as frontman. Today, Sublime are sharing their first new song in 28 years, “Feel Like That,” featuring both Bradley and Jakob, as well as Scott Woodruff of SoCal reggae group Stick Figure.

“My dad has a verse and then I have a verse and then Stick closes out the song,” Jakob told Rolling Stone, who premiered the track. “It’s a beautiful thing.”

“Feel Like That” originally came together in 1996 when Bradley, bassist Eric Wilson, and drummer Bud Gaugh were in the midst of a jam session in Willie Nelson’s Pedernales Studio in Austin, Texas. It was bootlegged throughout the years under the title “Eireen.”

“We are blessed that we still have all these old recordings and that we were able to stumble upon an outtake that has been sitting there waiting for all these years,” Wilson wrote in an email to the publication. “They say timing is everything, and I think they were right! It’s super awesome to hear Brad and Jakob singing side by side on the same track. I’m sure this song is gonna set the mood for the summer.”

“I think if fans really dig this track and people like the direction, then the sky’s the limit,” Jakob said. Gaugh said they’re at work in the studio: “We’re ready to explore all options as far as recording goes,” he explained. “Remixes, new stuff, who knows.”

Wilson added, “After playing a couple of shows with Jakob, I realized that something was missing in my heart, and Jakob has filled the void. The chemistry is spot on… just like it was with his father. I am also very thankful that I have my brother Bud back in my life! After years of playing with other great drummers, I can see that what we had was special and I realized what a badass Bud is…. I’m really excited for the future.”

Check out “Feel Like That” below.

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