Watch The Beaches Cover Djo’s “End Of Beginning”

Watch The Beaches Cover Djo’s “End Of Beginning”

Earlier this year, Joe Keery (of Stranger Things fame) experienced a massive moment when his 2022 song “End Of Beginning” — released through his project Djo — went viral on TikTok. For the Like A Version series, Toronto rock band the Beaches tackled that hit.

“We’ve been really big fans of Joe for a while, obviously from his work on Stranger Things,” guitarist and vocalist Kylie Miller said in the interview. She continued:

But also as a musician he’s incredibly talented and I think the song really relates to touring artists on the road because it’s all about missing where you’re from and your hometown. So I think it just made sense for us to cover this song while we are the farthest we’ve ever been from home.

I think that this song has a really kind of vintage feel. It kind of sounds like it came from a different era. That’s something that we really like to do in our music too, like reference a lot of ’80s new wave and I think he did that with a ’70s sound. We were drawn to it sonically when we first heard it. That whole record is just incredible and we’ve been listening to it a lot while we were on the road. It was a really easy choice for us when we found out we got to do this.

Watch their performance and interview below.

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