Metal Label Gilead Media Is Closing

Metal Label Gilead Media Is Closing

Earlier this year, Gilead Media put out Thou’s Umbilical. The metal label was also behind LPs by Krallice, Mutilation Rites, and more bands since its conception in 2005. Today, they announced a collaborative album by Mizmor and Hell as one of the last releases before they close.

Mizmor — whose latest record, Prosaic, was our Album Of The Week — and Hell’s new LP is titled Alluvion. “Whereas other instances of ALN & MSW’s musical relationship were based on recorded guest appearances or live lineup assistance, this album shows them working entirely collaboratively for the first time on an album crafted together,” Gilead Media wrote on Instagram. “This release will mark the end stage for Gilead Media, and will be one of our final three new releases leading up to the label’s closure. More details on that and Alluvion soon.”

In the comments, they added, “Thanks for all the excitement y’all. But don’t fear the label ending. It’s all good things. Times change and life changes. It’s all for the best.”


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