Stream Snõõper & Prison Affair’s Wild New Split EP

Stream Snõõper & Prison Affair’s Wild New Split EP

Last year, the giddy Nashville rockers Snõõper, one of our favorite new bands, released their debut album Super Snõõper. Since then, they’ve been dropping a series of one-offs: “for yr love,” “On Line,” their cover of Devo’s “I Think I’m Falling In Luv Again.” Today, Snõõper and the likeminded Barcelona band Prison Affair have come together to drop an absolutely frantic split.

Prison Affair are best-known to some of us as the band who put the dick-nose guy on their cover art and T-shirts; we posted their 2021 split with Research Reactor Corporation. Prison Affair are a weird group, but they’re roughly the same kind of weird as Snõõper. Both of them are DIY punk bands, but both of them have silly, adventurous notions of what DIY punk can mean. They both play super-fast, come up with playful new-wave hooks, mess around with keyboards, and love to record themselves at ultra-grimy levels of fidelity, with tape hiss threatening to drown everything out.

Snõõper and Prison Affair have three songs apiece on their new split, though all the Snõõper tracks were previously released. The songs are quick and dizzy and vaguely nauseating roller-coaster rides, and I mean that in the best way. Stream the split below.

The Snõõper/Prison Affair split is out now on Under The Gun/Sorry State/Big Love.

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