Brian Gibson – “Mica II”

Brian Gibson – “Mica II”

Brian Gibson rose to underground fame as the bassist for Lightning Bolt, the Providence noise-rock duo so jarringly aggressive that they once made our own Tom Breihan’s daughter cry at Pitchfork Festival. But he also works as a composer, artist, and designer for video games. He’ll soon follow up his 2016 VR rhythm game Thumper with a new release called Thrasher, described by Gibson and co-creator Mike Mandell as “a mind-melting arcade action odyssey and visceral audiovisual experience.”

Gibson elaborates:

I prefer games that make their own reality. I’d like to be transported as far from this one as possible. I think of it a little bit like the state when you are falling asleep and you start to have abstract dreams and you wake up and can’t remember them because the experience went beyond language. Ideally a game is difficult to describe in that way. But like Pac-Man, when you play it, it’s obvious what you are supposed to do.

Gibson is releasing his soundtrack for Thrasher with his pals at the legendary Thrill Jockey label. Today they shared “Mica II,” the album’s penultimate track. Listen below.

01 “Metal Maze”
02 “Magenta Machine”
03 “Monolith”
04 “Mist”
05 “Mica”
06 “Timekeepers”
07 “Metal Maze II”
08 “Maelstrom”
09 “Melting Menace”
10 “Magma Skull”
11 “Mica II”
12 “Mad Moon”

The Thrasher soundtrack is out 8/23 via Thrill Jockey. Thrasher the game is coming to Quest and Apple Vision Pro on 7/25. Get more info here.

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